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  -Surf Tour Guiding: Safely and effectively learn the surf spots and waves around the Isabela/Aguadilla area. There are so many different waves in the area which allows the tour to suit your individual surfing desires. Each tour will consist of multiple wave checks and wave break downs, where and when to enter and exit the water safely, and other valuable tips and answers from your guide who has years of experience in surfing the waves on this Island.

  • 1/2 day surf tour guiding – $75.00

This tour is 2 hours and consist of checking at least 3 spots.

  • Full day surf tour guiding – $150.00

This tour is 5 hours and consist of checking at least 6 spots.

   –Private, 1 on 1 Surf Coaching:  Receive quality, personalized, 1 on 1 surf coaching from one of our Professional Surfers. The main topics covered in our coaching sessions are equipment evaluation, body positioning and technique, ocean knowledge, and surf contest strategy. If possible we recommend at least 3 coaching sessions to fully address and practice the skills being taught.

  • 1/2 day surf coaching – $200.00 (1 surf session with coaching totaling 3 hours)

This is a 3 hour session consisting of checking a couple waves to find the surf spot you and your coach desire, 1 surf coaching session, and 1 after surf analyzation.

  • Full day surf coaching – $300.00 (2 surf sessions with coaching totaling 5 hours)

This is a 5 hour session consisting of checking a couple different waves to find the surf spot you and your coach desire, 2 surf coaching sessions, and 2 after surf session analyzations. There will be a 30-45 min lunch break between sessions.

 **Multiple guide/coaching session packages available upon request**


  –Main topics addressed in coaching sessions:

  • Equipment Evaluation
    Ensure the boards you are riding are optimal for your weight, ability, conditions, and surfing style. Having the correct equipment is key to maximizing your surfing performance and confidence in all conditions. You will be given valuable insight and understanding to help fine tune your board quiver.
  • Body Positioning and Technique
    Proper body posture/positioning and technique can be the most important skill you learn. If you have a good basic surfing foundation the rest will come much easier for you. Advanced maneuvers will come more naturally when you are surfing with the correct body positioning and technique.
  • Ocean and Wave Knowledge
    Reading waves is also a basic skill that some surfers struggle with. You will learn about how different swell directions can make waves break differently along the same reef and how to find the best waves in your session.
  • Surf Contest Strategy
    The goal? To know the judging criteria, take the skills you have learned from above and apply them to the conditions, and then set a heat strategy so your surfing can coincide with the criteria of the judges. Conditions, criteria, formats, and other factors change from heat to heat so it is important to be well prepared

    -Surf Coaches:

  • Josie Graves

    Josie Graves

    Josie comes from a family of surfers who know a lot about surfing and the surfing industry. It seems only natural that Josie and his younger brother Dylan have become so successful in surfing. Josie starting surfing here in Puerto Rico at the young age of 3!  Soon after he started competing at the age of ?. Since then Josie has become an extremely talented surfer who has had the opportunity of surfing some of the best and heaviest waves around the globe. Josie has competed professionally against the worlds best surfers for many years. He has competed in major surfing events on the WQS tour, as well as the ALAS tour. Josie has also represented Puerto Rico multiple times in the ISA World Games of Surfing. Josie  coached the Puerto Rican junior surfing team in the 2012  ISA World Junior Surfing Games in Peru. Some of Josie’s most memorable accomplishments in surfing are winning a WQS event in 2008, competing in the Volcom Pipe Pro in 2011, and surfing teahupoo, one of the heaviest waves in the world. Along with being an accomplished surfer, Josie has a degree in Business Marketing and he is a dedicated athlete.

  •  Maria KuzmovichIMG_1154

       Maria grew up and began surfing in Daytona Beach, FL. Soon after she began surfing she started traveling and competing. Maria’s first trip to Puerto Rico was in 2005. This is when she would first fall in love with the Island and later make it her permanent residence. Maria has competed in major surfing events all over the world while pursuing a professional surfing career. She has competed against some of the worlds best female surfers in some of the best waves around the world. Maria now lives in Isabela, Puerto Rico where her accomplishments only seem to thrive. In 2011 Maria represented Puerto Rico in the ISA World Games of Surfing and has qualified for the 2014 ISA open surfing team as well. Maria has spent a decent amount of her time working with young girls in surfing. During the summer she instructs and coaches girls at Pure Life Surf School in Daytona Beach, FL. Maria is an incredible and dedicated athlete, always striving for excellence. She is an outstanding surfing instructor/coach and a great role model.